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Contextualized cloud security coverage from build to runtime

Agentless graph-based technology immediately visualizes, prioritizes, and dynamically remediates critical cloud risks with no custom configuration needed

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Go beyond basic visualization and rules-based risk approaches. Get true context with root cause analysis, and dynamic guardrails for your developers to remediate faster than ever.

Contextual cloud risks and Attack Path Analysis for Hybrid clouds

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Get real-time insights into risks across your entire cloud environment, from Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to cloud workloads, to Kubernetes. Lightspin’s Attack Path Engine actively analyzes misconfigurations, network exposure, secrets, vulnerabilities, malware, and identities delivering you with a simple dashboard of the most critical risks in your cloud environment.

The Lightspin Attack Path Engine provides root cause analysis, and dynamic remediation, identifying and automatically removing the most toxic collections in the environment.

Remove the guesswork from prioritizing cloud risks

IaC Security

Shift your security testing "left." Scan your Infrastructure as Code and ensure your build is risk free - prior to deployment  

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Achieve full compliance and ensure cloud security best practices

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Workload Scanning

Identify and connect any related CVEs to security findings and their critical attack paths  

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Attack Path Analysis

Quickly identify the critical misconfigurations and vulnerabilities present across your cloud environment

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Runtime Protection

Detect existing malware intrusions on servers through code generated at runtime  

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Attack Surface Discovery

Discover your public cloud footprint across AWS, Azure, and GCP instantly.

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How it Works

Our research-based development forms the foundation of our multi-layer contextual cloud security platform. Our attack-path analysis and advanced graph theory algorithms makes the right connections between otherwise siloed security findings, to proactively and continuously visualize, prioritize, and remediate critical security gaps to better secure your cloud stack and ensure your team is working smart.



Eliminate risks
Improve efficiency

Gain Visibility Using Agentless Technology  

Agentless technology powers Lightspin's ability to scan your organization's entire cloud environment end-to-end. Our platform maps all your cloud and business assets and their relationships over our graph database. This allows us to visualize the environment in its entirety.

Prioritize the Critical Alerts that Matter Most

Lightspin identifies the potential attack path across your environment. Using root-cause analysis, our solution prioritizes the risk in the environment correctly. Attack paths are identified and assigned severity in accordance to attached business assets and the level of exploitability possible by potential attackers.

Case Study

NEXT Insurance hadn’t found a cloud security vendor that “got them” until Lightspin. The full cloud and Kubernetes coverage from Lightspin allowed them to consolidate tools and rely on the Attack Path Engine to focus their developer teams efforts.  

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Cloud-native software innovator NEXT Insurance needed a cloud security partner that went to the next level for them

What our customers say

Connect your security and dev stack for full visibility

Lightspin’s lightweight agentless solution quickly scans your AWS, Azure, and GCP environments and Kubernetes clusters covering virtual machines, containers, and serverless. SaaS organizations building the future in the cloud, gain a single, comprehensive view of their attack surface in minutes and can further integrate with over a dozen of tools.

The best value in cloud security is at your fingertips

Join SaaS companies big and small using Lightspin to discover their attack surface and protect their cloud from build to runtime.

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