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Faster and free cloud reconnaissance for all.

Discover your public cloud footprint across AWS, Azure, and GCP instantly, no credit card required.

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Attack Surface Discovery

Uncover exploitable gaps:

Gain visibility across all of your cloud assets.

Recon.Cloud and our attack surface discovery tools provide you with detailed insights on your cloud attack surface and uncover previously unknown assets and risks across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Complete cloud coverage.

Lightspin provides the visibility and context you need to better harden your cloud environment. Recon.Cloud external scans, combined with the ability to fully integrate cloud reconnaissance and threat insights across your internal cloud scans, powers Lightspin’s complete platform offering to cover all facets of your cloud.

Act on the results and dynamically remediate critical vulnerabilities.

Quickly expand your coverage to see the entire topology of your cloud environment by connecting your cloud tenant(s) to Lightspin.

Scan and reveal how much of your internal network a potential attacker can see.  

Attack Surface Discovery through Recon.Cloud is embedded into the Lightspin dashboard, providing a singular point of reference for all cloud security risks - from build stages (IaC Security), to production (CVEs, misconfigurations, attack path protection, and more) to runtime. Recon.Cloud is like a halo of your cloud – showing only the public facing attack surface any external party could enumerate. It’s the first step in examining the cloud from the perspective of the potential attacker, a hallmark of the complete Lightspin platform and our attack path engine.

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