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Lightspin Contextual Cloud Security  
How It Works

Continuously visualize, detect, and block any attack path in your cloud and Kubernetes environment.

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Why Use Lightspin


Your cloud native, Kubernetes, and microservices are the core of your infrastructure. Lightspin is the comprehensive, intuitive, and effortless protection you need to keep them secured along the digital transformation.

Agentless, lightweight
and delivers instant value

Proactive cloud protection, detects and fixes issues at the configuration stage

Cloud agnostic, works with any cloud
and Kubernetes environment

Intuitive graph-based visualization
and advanced analysis

Smart contextual security prioritization,
simple and fast remediation

Vast experience in proactive mitigation
of cloud infrastructure attacks

Agentless, lightweight, cloud agnostic


Cloud environments are dynamic and constantly changing. But with Lightspin, you never have to go-it-alone. We move forward with you as your organization progresses along the digital transformation.  

Our integration is agentless – it's easy and lightweight to deploy. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll get full visibility into your cloud stack, to see what’s happening, take optimal actions, and get fixed fast.

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Global cybersecurity CTO,
Top 5 global cybersecurity consulting firm

"Graph-based solutions are the future of security products, we see tremendous value in risk insights based on graph analysis."

See deep inside your cloud stack - collect all the relevant data


Intuitive graph-based visualization enables you to view cloud assets and relationships just like attackers do, while collecting information from your environment.

Analyzes how attackers exploit misconfigurations

Enhances findings with CVEs from top threat intelligence providers

Detects security gaps and cloud misconfigurations and enriches them with external intelligence

On top of the CSPM engine, Lightspin:

Lightspin   Map

Known and unknown risk attack prevention

Analyze & detect

Ensuring optimal cloud security means understanding the full context of events using graphs. Predictive path analysis algorithms, enriched with threat intelligence from top third-party services, discovers any risky path and any potential attack vector. Whether it's a configuration vulnerability (such as cloud misconfiguration, weak configuration, risky defaults), CVE, or risky permission, or their combination, our contextual algorithm detects relevant threats and determines their risk.

Attack path context

One single finding is not enough to tell a full story. Even if a finding on its own doesn’t appear critical, a combination of findings together may create a risky attack path. Only seeing the attack path in its full context provides a complete assessment of the true risk.

Current environment context

Modern organizations deploy between once a week to once a day. Every configuration creates new assets and relationships, and detection must be in the context of these new definitions as well as the defined baseline to prevent drifts

Dramatically reduce your workload

The result is a significant reduction in the number of critical security alerts, enabling your team to focus on what matters most.

Effective prioritization starts with context

Zero-in on the root cause

Uncovering the root cause of issues enables you to effectively address multiple security threats with one action.

We analyze each finding's risk and prioritize the most critical items based on the attack path context.

No more security alert fatigue. Focus on what matters most.


Integrates smoothly into your existing process and toolset

It blends flawlessly into your existing workflow and can be used with services such as Jira, Slack, and ServiceNow with a few simple API calls.

Security + DevOps: Creating secured and robust cloud environments together

Development is a crucial part of your cloud’s daily activities. Lightspin makes life easier for both security and DevOps teams by integrating with the best and most popular dev tools, such as Jenkins, Terraform, CircleCI, Gitlab, and Bitbucket.

Effective mitigation,
as part as your workflow


For every detected security gap, you get a clear remediation plan that enables your team to quickly and simply address the issue.

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Context is The Key to Achieving Security in the Cloud

When it comes to the security of your cloud environment, a single finding isn't enough to tell a full story. Context is the key to proactively protect native, Kubernetes, and microservices and start seeing your environment through an attacker’s eyes.

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture