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Shift your security testing left

Scan your IaC files and find security vulnerabilities and infrastructure misconfigurations before deploying them to production

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IaC Security

Scan and protect your build

Bridge the gap between DevOps and SecOps teams

Improve CI/CD cycles and the ability to run seamlessly from build to runtime. Connect the dots between security and compliance requirements and those of the development teams.

Enable shifting cloud infrastructure security

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. As cloud environments dynamically shift, and new            features and assets are added, your cloud environment needs to be secure, from build to runtime.

Visualize your build’s impact on your cloud environment

The graph-based algorithm applies your build and maps its potential impacts on the connected cloud environment, revealing the potential attack paths or critical vulnerabilities that may have emerged.

Visualize your build’s impact on your cloud environment

IaC Scanning powers DevSecOps teams to ensure their code is secure from the start. Review your code as you build and garner insights into how you may be impacting production. The prioritization engine reveals the critical attack paths from build to runtime that could potentially compromise your cloud environment.

Infographic of Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture