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Reconfigure your approach to cloud misconfigurations

In a dynamic cloud environment, what’s secure today may be at risk tomorrow. Employee turnover, software updates, your DevOps pipeline and more all mean dynamic cloud infrastructure that is impossible to manage manually.

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Misconfiguration Detection

With great cloud power, comes great cloud responsibility

Minimize misconfigurations due to human error, dangerous defaults, or risky and weak configurations

Lightspin’s platform scans your cloud environment to identify, visualize, prioritize, and remediate the w`eakest links in your cloud stack attached to your most critical assets.

Bridge the gap between Security and Development teams to minimize risks

Security procedure needs to be implemented at the build stage, which means Security and DevOps working as a team. Lightspin helps your team Shift Left to enable the fast speeds of a digital environment without adding risk to the cloud environment.

We can help you keep your secrets

Any exposed secrets such as an unencrypted password can risk your organization’s cloud assets being breached. Lightspin’s platform scans your environment to minimize exposed secrets and highlights the path to remediate the risky exposure

Proactively prevent default misconfigurations and minimize your risks

Lightspin identifies misconfigurations or dangerous defaults that could increase risk and exposure to your cloud assets. Lightspin connects between these vulnerabilities and gaps across other essential layers of your cloud stack, building critical attack paths and providing the remediation you need to better secure your stack.


laC Security



Exposed Secrets

IAM Protection, Risky Permissions

Vulnerability Management

CSPM & Compliance


Runtime Protection

Real-time Events Integration

Malware Protection

Kubernetes Runtime

Lightspin CNAPP

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture