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Maximum cloud security value, with minimal effort required

Graph-based cloud security for full security observability, from code, to build, to runtime

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Everything you need for comprehensive cloud security observability across your hybrid environment    

Join Lightspin’s agentless cloud security platform to unify all the tools and insights you need to better secure your cloud environment. Lightspin scans your organization’s entire cloud environment and offers the prioritization and remediation of critical attack paths your Sec and DevOps teams need to work more efficiently.

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Our unified cloud security platform makes every stage of cloud security simple. From scanning Infrastructure as Code (IaC), to basic CSPM and compliance benchmarks, to misconfiguration and gap identification, to advanced vulnerability and attack path detection - Lightspin has everything Sec and DevOps teams need to secure their cloud environment in one place.


laC Security



Exposed Secrets

IAM Protection, Risky Permissions

Vulnerability Management

CSPM & Compliance


Runtime Protection

Real-time Events Integration

Malware Protection

Kubernetes Runtime

The Lightspin Platform

Our graph-based algorithm filters out the noise and feeds our solution enrichments through our prioritization engine. The outputs are the critical attack paths that matter most.  

From Build

To Runtime

IaC Security

Shift your security testing “left.” Scan your Infrastructure as Code and ensure your build is risk free - prior to deployment  

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CSPM & Compliance

Enjoy full asset management and customized compliance benchmark reports  

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Vulnerability Management

Identify and connect any related CVEs to security findings and their critical attack paths  

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IAM & Risky Permission Management

Analyze and detect the impacts of identity and permission risks and proactively protect your cloud stack  

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Misconfiguration Detection

Quickly identify the critical misconfigurations and vulnerabilities present across your cloud environment

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Runtime Protection

Detect existing malware intrusions on servers through code generated at runtime  

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Visualize your cloud assets from the eyes of an attacker  

Intuitive graph-based visualization brings to life the potential critical attack paths vulnerable to exploitation by potential attackers. Lightspin’s critical attack paths bring to light the root cause of the security findings in your environment, prioritize them, and help you better understand the potential impact to your business.

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Agentless, easy, cloud agnostic, and all together

We understand your cloud environment is dynamic and your needs are constantly changing. Integrate the tools you already know and love into our easy-to-use platform. Enrich your security findings and improve your security posture.

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture