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Eliminate risky entitlements

Minimize your cloud’s attack surface by ensuring the right identities, accounts, and policies are attributed to the right users

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IAM & Risky Permission Management

Ensure the right roles are connected to the right workloads to better secure your stack

No more risky business or permissions

Risky or over-permission roles can increase the potential risks to your cloud environment. Lightspin’s multi-layer platform ensures only the right users and permissions are granted to minimize potential exposure.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt

Reduce the risk by removing the shadow admins by detecting all of the users who were given permissions by mistake.

Out of the box remediation for risky roles

Sometimes risky entitlements happen. Lightspin’s platform identifies, prioritizes, remediates these risks in a single click.

The right policies and permissions can make all the difference

Lightspin detects and identifies the risky roles, identities, and permissions you may have across your cloud environments, and filters them through our prioritization engine. Ensure the accounts you intend have only the permissions they require.


laC Security



Exposed Secrets

IAM Protection, Risky Permissions

Vulnerability Management

CSPM & Compliance


Runtime Protection

Real-time Events Integration

Malware Protection

Kubernetes Runtime

Lightspin CNAPP

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture