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Prevent and detect an intruder from entering your cloud

Proactively protect your business’ data home from would-be intruders and eliminate your 24-hour blind spot

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Runtime Protection

Runtime Protection

Security measures to proactively protect your system beyond once attackers are already inside your network

Protect your assets from active malware

Side scanning isn’t enough to protect your data and your environment – snapshot scans once a day can leave you blind – ensure you have coverage around the clock.

Leverage threat intelligence to identify anomalies and real-time threats

Lightspin never leaves you in the dark – through leveraging AWS GuardDuty feed in our         platform, your environment is always being monitored and your team can consistently       review the activity feed for any anomalies.

Identify real-time threats in your K8s clusters

Lightspin leverages the Falco project to bring your platform a “security camera” detecting      unexpected behavior, intrusions, and data theft in real time.

Say goodbye to security blindspots, and hello to runtime protection

Map runtime events onto potential critical attack paths in your cloud. Intuitive graph-based visualization brings to life the potential critical attack paths across your cloud environment. Detect and map runtime events along the potential attack paths bringing to light a better understanding of the potential impact to your business and the related security findings and real-time events.

Infographic of Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture