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Achieve SOC2 cloud security compliance quicker and with better details

SaaS companies trust Lightspin to help them meet the cloud audit requirements for SOC2 compliance and coverage required by the AICPA.

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Scan and protect your build

Cover the cloud-specific Technical Services Criteria (TSC) you need to get quick auditor signoff.

Cloud security done right, means your business should meet its compliance requirements along the way. From vulnerability management, CSPM and infrastructure as code scanning, Lightspin’s comprehensive cloud security platform gives a near “one-stop shop” for cloud-focused TSC’s.

Easily communicate with auditors through a common visual language.

Attain account and environment isolation as required. Lightspin provides the ability to isolate permissions and accounts as needed to ensure that SOC2 requirements are met. Lightspin’s Discovery Graph feature provides the visibility auditors need to verify that complete isolation of environments is met.

Get quick coverage to achieve your go-to-market goals.

Your CEO just announced you’re going after new markets, so you have to get SOC 2 Type II ASAP. Don’t hassle with downloading lots of tools and spending dozens of hours compiling reports. Lightspin’s ready-made SOC 2 compliance and attack path analysis provides all the technical controls evidence in the cloud you need, fast.

Earn the trust your enterprise customers demand

A SOC 2 report is intended to serve as a strong signal of trust to customers of SaaS providers. It is an evidence of consistency and showcases that your business  has good policies in place to secure customer data and to provide comfort that your application will be up and running when customers need it. These policies, procedures, and controls are called Trust Services Criteria by the AICPA and Lightspin covers a wide range of the technical controls and monitoring requirements in cloud environments.

Cloud SOC 2 TSC Coverage

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture