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Scan and prioritize your CVEs

Vulnerability prioritization that goes beyond just scanning for compliance benchmarks and gives you the context you need to understand and correctly prioritize the most urgent threats.

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Workload Scanning

Scan across accounts and Kubernetes workloads from a single tool and understand the real threat

Gain visibility and added insights into detected CVEs

Drill down into any CVEs full details and access further data enrichments through integrations with Snyk and Twistlock

Prioritize your CVE feed and handle the alerts that matter most

Explore and review the most critical CVEs by asset, AWS AMI, K8s Image, and exploitability

Pull mitigation data and better secure your environment

Deep dive into the details of a CVE and learn the business impact, as well as access instant remediation to clear the vulnerability

The promise of prioritization of those critical vulnerabilities

Understanding that the presence of CVEs in your environment increases the risks to your business, Lightspin takes the security findings and vulnerabilities found during its CVE scannings and filters them through our prioritization engine. This includes our ability to bring prioritization to your third-party feeds including Snyk and Twistlock – reducing the noise in your environment to focus on the CVEs that matter most.

Infographic of Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

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Leverage predictive attack path analysis and keep attackers out of your environment

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture